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Liquid soap

A modernly concieved liquid soap for frequent washing in healthcare and industry. A combination of anionic and non-ionic tensides efficiently removes dirt and special supplements protect hand skin from drying up.

Mild towards the skin, but energetic against dirt!

Hemo DF

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Hemo DF

A product for hand washing and disinfection

Ingredients and properties:

A combination of surfactants which, with a disinfecting component – alkil-dimethyl-benzil-ammonium- chloride act synergically and enable a triple purpose of the product:
- Efficient hand washing
- Successful disinfection
- Hand care, so that even when used frequently, the product not only does not dry out the skin, but makes it supple and elastic. It also helps wounds and other skin damage heal faster.


Area of use:

Anywhere frequent hand washing and disinfection are required, especially in healthcare, veterinary and food industry machinery. Given its exceptional efficiency, it has found its use in hospitality industry, public facilities and households as well.

Application method

For ordinary hand washing and disinfection, 2-3 ml of the product, rubbed in on wet hands for 3-4 minutes, would suffice. Repeat the process in case of extremely greasy skin.

For surgical disinfection, repeat the washing process 2-3 times using a sterile brush for nails and cuticles. It is also suggested to, after washing, rub a 1% solution of „Polisol R“ or „Alkoderm“ in the skin and leave it on for 5-10 minutes.


The suggested work method is given as an average one and according to our best knowledge. With certain users, deviations from the specified values may appear, which is a consequence of different circumstances and means of work.

Alkoderm Gel


A modern product based on alcohol and selected quaternaries for prolonged disinfection of hand skin.

It is applied in amounts of 2-3ml and rubbed in on the hand skin. It enables complete disinfection and skin care and prevents a possible reinfection. The most efficient way to apply the product
is via a sensor dispenser.


Polisol R®

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Sredstvo za dezinfekciju ruku

"Polisol R®" je kompleksan dezificijens snažnog baktericidnog i fungicidnog delovanja, tako da se vrlo široko upotrebljava u zdravstvu, prehrambenoj industriji, veterini, trgovini, turizmu i u svakodnevnom životu.
Deluje na gram-pozitivne i gram-negativne bakterije, a kao katjonsko sredstvo nikako se ne sme mešati sa anjonskim tenzidima i deterdžentima.

Dezinfekcija ruku:

Posle temeljnog pranja sapunom ruke se isperu vodom, a zatim kvase 1%-tnim rastvorom "Polisola R®" 5-10 minuta. Za brzu dezinfekciju na terenu, ruke se mogu dezinfikovati nerazređenim sredstvom u trajanju od 1- 2 minuta.

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